TOP TEN LIST: How is paying taxes different than tithing?

How is paying taxes (which, by the way, are due Monday) different than tithing? 
My top 10 answers.
10.  Taxes are a civic obligation.  Tithing is between you and God.
9.    You won’t be audited for not tithing. (At least not in this life)
8.    Taxes require forms and calculators.  Tithing requires scripture and prayer.
7.    The IRS makes allowances for tithers, but Jesus actually loves tax collectors.
6.    God asks for 10% as a goal.  The IRS thinks of 10% as a good starting place.
5.    Your tithe will be used to build something better than bombs.
4.    Death and Taxes?  Christians believe there is life after both.
3.   The Church is a place where Republicans and Democrats CAN work together.
2.   When you tithe, you always get something back.
1.   Taxes go to pay off a huge debt.  Tithes thank Christ for paying an even bigger one.

Have a good week,


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